Advanced non-contact temperature measurement in industrial processes with the novasens 2050 infrared pyrometer

The infrared pyrometer novasens 2050 is suitable for non-contact temperature measurement of targets in industrial processes.

As the measured object is not touched, a wear-free temperature measurement is possible in harsh industrial environments and treatment processes or in measuring sensitive objects. Compared with contact sensors, the measurement times are much faster. An advantage in applications and processes, which depend on fast data acquisition.

Easy integration in the machine control unit
The novasens 2050 pyrometer detects the thermal radiation of the object and converts the non-contact measured temperature to an electrical signal.
The measured value is issued as an analog, standardized output in either 0-20mA, 4-20mA or 0-10 volts for transmission and evaluation of the PLC / machine control.

The novasens 2050 infrared thermometer can be a modular system with many options to align every application: whether a hold function, a relay contact or an adjustable delay measurement. Depending on the measuring task, different infrared temperature sensors are available, e.g. with air cooling / lens cleaning on the sensor for use in dusty and hot environments.

Rapid amortization
Through a precise non-contact temperature measurement error productions and production emissions are avoided. Thus, the novasens infrared thermometers often pay for themselves after only a short time. Probes with sliding contacts, which quickly wear out by contact with the measured object and would have to be replaced, are a thing of the past.

novasens Sensortechnik
Germany based novasens Sensortechnik is specialized since 1991 in the development, construction and sale of non-contact infrared thermometers and temperature sensors for temperature monitoring and control for the application of adhesive and coating.

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novasens 2050 Infrarot-Pyrometer